Levitation Wand Magic with Sasha D'Light

Learn the magical art of levitation wand! 
Leviwand is an artistic form of flow arts inspired from the magician's trick of the floating cane.

This 60 minute workshop, hosted by Sasha D'Light, will go over basic levitation wand flow moves for short string work and contact work. A wide array of tricks and fundamentals will be presented and taught.

With 5 years of levi wand experience, Sasha shares her skill, knowledge and adaptability in her classes in a fun and effortless way. Sasha has been teaching her passion for leviwand and other flow props at a studio in Des Moines. Now she's on the road to inspire more people!

Please come share in the fun and magic that is leviwand!


No experience is required and all skill levels are welcome.

Props can be provided for anyone who doesn't own their own already.

Flyer Original Photo Credit: Danny Does Pix!

Held at: Leaping Lizards 6907 Lansdowne Ave
Day: s at 11:02 a.m.
Price: $ None

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