published March 15, 2020

    We plan to continue classes in these coming weeks!

    To keep everyone safe, we ask that no one comes to classes who are experiencing a cough, fever, or any cold-like symptoms. 

    Please always take good care of yourself and that amazing body of yours! Keep it moving, wiggling, shimmying, and slinking - and of course hydrated and rested. 

    We advise to continue to follow guidelines and advisement from reliable sources.

    The amazing Leaping Lizards PAS & SBV Staff are continuing to clean the studio daily, as always. We encourage students to bring their own supplies for class as we would like to limit sharing.

    Thank you for your support in keeping eachother and yourselves healthy.


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    This school prides itself on being a place for humans to feel empowered and free. We provide a creative environment open to all body types, sexual preferences and orientations, races, ethnicities, social statuses, body types, genders, and gender identities. We encourage and support our community to live their best lives and strive to do so along with them.

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