Open Studio!!!

published Feb. 17, 2020
    Come one! Come all!
    Rehearse. Stretch. Craft. Hang out. Observe. Offer feedback.

    How it works...

    • First come - first serve. Sign in with SinDee Hoo Hoo upon arrival.
    • Minimum of 15 minutes per person.
    • You will have open use of the studio floor and mirrors with use of the audio equipment.
    • When someone is practicing, we ask that everyone be respectful of noise level while waiting for your turn.

    To block time for a one-on-one, full attention, and feedback session with an instructor, please fill out the contact form on the menu above.

    About Us

    This school prides itself on being a place for humans to feel empowered and free. We provide a creative environment open to all body types, sexual preferences and orientations, races, ethnicities, social statuses, body types, genders, and gender identities. We encourage and support our community to live their best lives and strive to do so along with them.

    Contact Us

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