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We at St. Louis School of Burlesque & Variety offer an environment where humans can feel empowered and free. Our goal is for students to gain more confidence, self love, and positive body image while honing a new skill​ or fine-tuning an existing one.


Our creative ​space is open to all humans​ -​ regardless of gender, skin colour, national origin, sexual orientation, body type, and ability. We encourage and support our community to live their best lives and strive to do so along with them.



Our ​curriculum includes a variety of burlesque and vaudeville styles with a focus on classic burlesque as best exemplified by Gypsy Rose Lee, Josephine Baker, Sally Rand, and Toni Elling. We believe in valuing the history of burlesque while understanding the "rules" so you can properly break them.​ ​


Classes at Stl SBV also include a variety of master classes for current performers to lifelong learning and nurture their art. These classes include Couture Costuming, Floorwork & Flexibility, Ballesque, and Cultivating a Character.

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This school prides itself on being a place for humans to feel empowered and free. We provide a creative environment open to all body types, sexual preferences and orientations, races, ethnicities, social statuses, body types, genders, and gender identities. We encourage and support our community to live their best lives and strive to do so along with them.

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